$1,200,000,000Class Action

In Re Vitamins

Litigation – associate counsel. Anti-trust class action settled for $1.2 Billion

$42,000,000Class Action

Ralph C. McCullough, II, as Plan Trustee for Home Gold, Inc., Home Gold Financial, Inc. and Carolina Investors, Inc. v. Elliott Davis

Director, officers, and professional liability – joint lead counsel – Settlement of $42 Million

$22,000,000Class Action

Van Besien et. al. v. Fairfield Resorts

Violation of Virgin Islands’ RICO and condominium laws – associated counsel settled for $22 Million

$2,200,000Class Action

Phillips College litigation – College granted bogus degrees to students

Lead counsel – RICO class action. Settled for $2.2M and refund of student loans.

$1,200,000Class Action

Nealy v. Oakwood Mobile HomesMorton v. Fleet Finance; & Johnson v. First Family

Lead counsel – South Carolina lender failure to give borrower choice of attorney – lead counsel class action. Settlement for $1.2 Million.

$1,000,000Premises Liability

$1,000,000 recovered for victims of a deck that collapsed at an apartment.

$505,000Truck Accident

$505,000 recovered for a child of the victims of a tractor-trailer death case.

$350,000Class Action

Brown v. WoodsideBaker v. Cedar Creek

Real Estate Settlement Procedures Act and Interstate Land Sales Act -lead counsel class action. Settlement of $350,000.00.

$150,000Car Accident

$150,000 award to a victim of a car accident involving a commercial truck.

$137,000Car Accident

$137,000 recovered for victims of a car crash.

$125,000Car Accident

$125,000 for victim of a car crash with brain injury.

$85,000Car Accident

$85,000 recovered for car crash victim with a herniated disc.

$75,000Car Accident

$75,000 recovered for single-car crash victim with a broken bone-femur.

$74,000Car Accident

$74,000 for crash victim with a fractured sternum.

$50,000Car Accident

$50,000 recovered for motorcycle crash victim.

$50,000Motorcycle Accident

$50,000 recovered for motorcycle crash victim.

$25,000Motorcycle Accident

$25,000 policy limits for the victim of a motorcycle crash resulting in chipped, broken teeth and facial scars.


Jami Key as next friend, mother and natural guardian of Claira Nicole Gay and James Leroy Gay, III, minors v. Celedon Trucking

Truck caused a motorcyclist death – lead counsel five figure confidential settlement.


Cathy Brown for DanielGouveia v. Pepper Hill nursing home

Nursing home neglect for 82-year-old with bedsores – joint Council seven-figure confidential settlement.


Ruston v. Norfolk Southern

Train wreck causing a chlorine spill resulting in wrongful death – Lead counsel seven-figure confidential settlement.