University Health Golf Sponsor

Jackson Law Offices, P.C. is pleased to announce that our firm was a proud sponsor of a recent cancer center event for the University Health Care System (UHCS), one of the largest health care providers in Georgia. This year, we sponsored a hole for University Hospital’s annual Patchin Weston Celebration & Dennis Memorial Golf Tournament! The event was held on Thursday, March 15 in Augusta.


The Patchin Weston Celebration & Dennis Memorial Golf Tournament helps raise funds to support patients and families facing a health crisis due to life-threatening conditions like cancer by easing their financial burdens. With donations and sponsorship funds earned by this charitable event, families facing mounting medical expenses that may force them to choose between life-saving treatment and paying the bills can receive much needed support.

The fund-raising golf tournament combines two charitable events – the Patchin-Weston Celebration, which honors the friend of a University Hospital’s oncologist who lost his health insurance during a long battle against cancer, and the Dennis Memorial Golf Tournament, which was named after Frank Dennis, who passed away from cancer several years ago.

Sponsoring this event is not only a way for our Augusta personal injury lawyers to give back to the communities who continually place their trust in our team during difficult times, but also something that hits home for our team. In addition to working with University Hospital when handling personal injury cases where our clients receive treatment at their facilities, the son of Frank Dennis, the man for whom the tournament, is a close friend of our firm’s Founding Partner Austin Jackson. Mr. Jackson’s father, Founding Partner Stanley Jackson, has also battled cancer for the last several years, while still continuing to help our clients in their own battles for justice and fair compensation.

Supporting these families, UHCS and it cancer center, and patients who are fighting for their lives after a cancer diagnosis is something our legal team identifies with on a personal level, and a cause we are very passionate about. It’s the same passion we apply to cases involving clients who suffer tremendous harms and losses after suffering preventable injuries.

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