If you have a teenage son or daughter in your household who recently received a driver’s license, chances are you still have some concerns about safety. Just because your teen obtained a license does not mean he or she is truly ready for the road ahead. To become a skilled driver, it takes time and experience, which all teens inherently lack. In fact, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), over 2,000 teens are killed in car crashes every year in the United States, making it the number one threat to teen safety.

Even if your teen driver obeys traffic laws, he or she might not have quick enough reflexes to know how to handle debris on the roadway or other unexpected obstacles that require an immediate response. As such, it is crucial to ensure your teen is educated about driving safety.


Parents play a key role in keeping teen drivers safe by instilling the importance of good driving habits and ensuring they understand the consequences of failing to exercise proper caution. Here are some tips you should share with your teen:

  1. Before permitting your teen to drive alone, you should supervise him or her behind the wheel for at least 30 to 50 hours over the course of a six-month period.
  2. Have your teenage driver practice on different types of roads, in the daytime and evening, and during different weather conditions to help prepare them for a wide range of scenarios. This should be done with a parent or other responsible adult.
  3. You should absolutely stress the importance of never texting or using a cell phone while driving. In fact, you should discourage any kind of distracting behavior.
  4. Make sure your teen understands that he or she should never ride with friends who have been drinking.
  5. Tell your teenager to always wear a seat belt, regardless if he or she is driving, or simply a passenger. You should also lead by example and wear your seat belt as well.
  6. Review defensive driving tactics to avoid debris and other surprises on the road.
  7. Explain what to do if your teenager’s car hydroplanes or begins to fishtail.

The more you reiterate and emphasize the importance of following these safety tips, the better prepared your teenage driver will be and the more seriously he or she is likely to take this privilege.


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